Apps Available on the iPad

iPad is changing the way in which things are done in a daily routine. The sleek tablet has been optimized for the use of applications. High-resolution visuals and good clarity makes the iPad a great device to own. You can not only utilize it for apps but you could also watch movies and view pictures. You can even read the newspaper via the iPad, play games, receive stock market tips and even view news broadcasts.

Here are a list of apps that caught my eye and their prices:

Netflix: This app is free for a Netflix account holder ipad trade in value and it comes up with thousands of movies and shows which can be streamed via the wi-fi too.

Marvel Comics: you can read comics using your iPad and each comic can be subscribed. some basic comics can be read free.

iBooks: it is an eBook store from apple where one can download books, its graphic inter-phase is very catchy and reading a eBook on the pad is very enjoyable.

NBA Game Time Courtside: Its a full time interactive dashboard that supplements you with information every time you watch a game. This app is free.

MLB At Bat: This app lets you watch major league baseball games live just the iPhone app. Some games are which are not available due to licensing reasons can be followed by a stimulated presentation. This app costs around 15 dollars.

Yahoo Entertainment: This provides information about TV schedules, upcoming movies’ trailers and popular videos.

SoundHound: This is an app that is a music player that identifies the name of the song and publishes the lyrics of the song. It costs $5

Pandora: This is a free app that plays radio music and it presents the play-list along with the artists information. The music is free and unlimited.

Mirror’s Edge: It is an adaptation of the motion sensor game famous with the X-box player and it is an app that costs $13.

Labyrinth 2: This is an app of the i-phones marble rolling game. It has got more complicated with you having to dodge not only holes but lasers, winds, cannons, security cameras and winds. Priced at $8 this app which has subtle 3D graphics is worth a buy.

Uno: This amazing game can now be played on the pad all for $7.

NYT Editor’s Choice: This is the app that displays the New York Times newspaper on the iPad for free.

Wall street journal: Another free app that displays the wall street journal for free on the pad.

E*TRADE Mobile Pro: It is an app that enables you to receive information about stocks and also allows you to buy and sell stocks off the internet.