Karma is one of the best support heroes in the game, when paired with a good carry the two can take out multiple enemies. When she is alone she cannot do much but harass and escape. You want to stack runes and level your mastery into utility for the additional cooldown reduction.

Karma has five different abilities; Inner Fire, 롤 대리 this is a passive ability that increases her ability power by a percentage based on her missing health.

Heavenly Wave is Karma’s standard area of effect attack, when used with mantra it will also heal friendly targets in the area. It is the principle ability that will deal the bulk of your damage.

Spirit Bond will slow down an enemy hero that you use it against while increasing your movement speed, if you use it on a friend then you will both move faster. It will only damage any enemies that ‘pass through’ its area and not the target itself, this takes time to learn and use properly but when you gain enough practice and gameplay experience then you will be able to use it better.

Soul Shield will give you a protective shield for a few seconds, if you use mantra with it then it will deal a damaging aoe to any enemies near by.

With an optimal use of all of these abilities, you would use Mantra + Soul Shield to give yourself a buff then you and your team would move against the enemy, when they start to run use Spirit Bond to slow them down and keep up with them, as you and your team start to get hurt use Heavenly Wave + Mantra to damage the enemy and heal your group. With the increased Health and Cooldown Reduction you will be able to spam all of these abilities with the use of Mantra as well. The health will give you greater survivability and also have good synergy with Inner Fire.

She relies greatly on cooldown reductions and health so you will need to build up, you will want to stack these two stats in order to make the best use of her abilities. This will make her abilities more spammable and effective.

For items you will need to develop and use any items that increase your AP, Health and CDR. Items should include Ionian boots of Lucidity, Soul Shroud, Frozen Heart, Will of the Ancients and Haunting Guise. If you play right then you won’t have to get into higher tier items.